Svenska (Sverige)

The boatbuilding yard is the creative centre of the firm and it’s here our competence and skill is constantly challenged, regardless of whether we make complicated reconstructions or completely new constructions.

On demand we can build both replicas of classic boats as well as own constructions inspired by sailing boats and motorboats from the Swedish West Coast. The boats will be delivered fully equipped with rigs or engines.

We also perform everything from smaller repairs e.g. replacing single planks or frames to complete restorations of wooden boats. Our ambition is reaching a result as close as possible to the original – or if required – even improving the boat once built.

We choose all timber ourselves and visit Swedish estates and select standing trees which we later on saw in our frame saw. To find the right natural crooks for stems, sterns, floors and knees, we walk about in the forest with templates and can then directly see if a tree can be useful for our specific purposes.

For the outside planking and deck we don’t use sapwood but only heartwood, which is quarter-sawn to acquire standing growth rings for maximum strength and to avoid cracks. The outside planking will be stronger if the joints are few and in addition, the finished hull will get a slenderer and more beautiful shape.