Svenska (Sverige)

Nyhamns Såg & Båtbyggeri provides specially sawn timber in huge dimensions for a lot of different purposes. In our horizontal frame saw we are able to saw 82-feet long logs with a diameter of six feet, this means we can deliver non-edged boards in widths of four and a half feet. The slow regular feeding of the machine gives the planks an antique frame-sawn surface providing e.g. the panel boards of old houses with their own character.

We sell ship timber, construction timber and a variety of furniture and carpentry wood. A major part of the wood is quarter-sawn which will bring about standing growth rings with undetectable strength. To order we can offer FSC labelled tropical wood from ecologically sustainable forest cultivations.

To guarantee our heavy demands on quality we select the timber ourselves and all softwood is felled and sawn in the winter when the moisture content is at its lowest and the danger of blue stain fungi will be considerably reduced. When the timber has been sawn it will be air-dried to minimize the risk of cracks and to prevent the boards from being warped.