Svenska (Sverige)

Nyhamns Såg & Båtbyggeri is owned and run by Martin and Mathias Ravanis.

In our frame-saw, trees – several hundred years old – are manufactured to wide panels and quarter-sawn framework, beams in thick dimensions and in full lengths, ship timber of top quality and exclusive wooden tables.

Our new constructions of utility sailing boats are characterized by the natural crooked grown timber selected in the wood, outside planking with standing growth rings and quarter-sawn deck, only made of heartwood. When we make minor or total restorations of wooden boats we try to get as close as possible to the original; thus all details are of equal importance.

The uncompromising attitude towards the quality of the production and the attention given to the execution of the work is the hallmark of all branches of the firm. It doesn’t matter if it is about sawing construction wood, replacing some frames of a boat or building a completely new gig according to drawings of our own.

The mainspring behind our work is to take care of the unique qualities of every kind of wood, to use them in a correct way and create new products made to last as long as possible.