Svenska (Sverige)

The brothers Martin and Mathias Ravanis established the company in 1993 and initially the focus was on building and restoring wooden boats. Business expanded as new machines were acquired and when the framesaw was installed in 1998 the sawmill soon became the heart and centre of activity.

Earlier, the shipbuilding timber was sawn by a primitive chain sawmill. Now there was instead a qualified frame saw able to process logs at lengths of 82 feet and with a diameter up to six feet.

The activities around the frame saw expanded and today there is a substantial volume of sale of special timber for every purpose from restoration of old houses to furniture and carpentry production.

Alongside the restorations and new constructions of wooden boats, the work has been expanded to production of high-quality wooden floors and unique dining tables from just one single board.

Nyhamns Såg & Båtbyggeri is just now facing yet another expansion when a new considerably larger workshop is under construction.