Svenska (Sverige)

To get access to timber with a maximum of strength and hardness we select all our shipbuilding timber from standing timber. We have good contacts with estates and manors, where we can find the big old knot-free oaks we need for the outside planking. For deck planking we only use heart-wood from densely grown pine and larch tree, with few and small knots.

All timber for outside planking and deck is quarter-sawn which will give planks with longitudinal growth rings with unbeatable strength and durability. Furthermore the risk of cracks will be reduced to a great extent.

To order we can deliver timber for:

  • Outside planking with standing annual rings of oak, pine, larch, Douglas fir, FSC-labelled mahogany.
  • Deck planking of quarter-sawn pine, larch and Douglas-fir
  • Stems, sterns, knees and floors of natural crooked parts of oak
  • Masts up to 82 feet of larch, fir and Douglas-fir
  • Boat furnishings of quarter-sawn FSC-labelled mahogany